The Juncture’s Day Off

“THE JUNCTURE’S DAY OFF” THE JUNCTURE Playing off of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ we wanted to depict what the ideal day off of work would look like for The Juncture. Rather than a product focused approach, The Juncture wanted to create a lifestyle based video that included the founders of the shop and along with

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“Be A Man”

“BE A MAN” TULLIS We were tasked with depicting what it means to “Be a Man” for this track off of Tullis’ latest album, “Antidepressant”. To director Jared Avalos that means being a good brother, father, and all around role model to those around you. Watch the full video to see how we depicted that.

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“Gimme A Chance”

“GIMME A CHANCE” DREAMER ISIOMA To conclude the ‘Princess Forever’ series, Princess Forever sets off on a solo adventure to fight his greatest enemy, the ruler of Terra 2000, himself. STILLS Previous Next BEHIND THE SCENES Photos by Jared Avalos and Omar Camarena CREDITS Written By: DREAMER ISIOMA  Directed By: DREAMER ISIOMA , JARED AVALOS

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“Touch Your Soul”

“TOUCH YOUR SOUL” DREAMER ISIOMA FT. MERLYN WOOD The fourth installment of the ‘Princess Forever’ series follows Princess Forever as begins to rally up his army to take down the core government officials and roots to all evil. STILLS Previous Next BEHIND THE SCENES Photos by Jake Bassler & V Sidaugaite CREDITS Written By: DREAMER

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“Skies The Limit”

“SKIES THE LIMIT” Jordan x Top Fashion Celebrating 35 years of the iconic Jumpman logo, Jordan released the AJI ‘Skyline’ paying homage to the sunset seen in the original photo of Michael Jordan striking his Jumpman pose. Jordan teamed up with Top Fashion to bring an early and exclusive release of the sneaker along with

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“Technicolor Love”

“TECHNICOLOR LOVE” DREAMER ISIOMA FT. REDVEIL The third installment of the “Princess Forever” series. This episode will explore the fundamental philosophical inquiries of the vast and intricate universe while taking viewers on an enchanting journey filled with thought-provoking challenges. As Princess Forever embarks on his spiritual quest, he will face elements that will test his

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“Fuck Tha World”

“FUCK THA WORLD” DREAMER ISIOMA Upon completing a mission to Diaspora X, Special Agent Princess Forever returned to Terra 2000 to find out that he and the mission were blacklisted by the government. “Fuck Tha World” portrays Princess Forever creating his plan to take over the world. STILLS Previous Next BEHIND THE SCENES Photos by

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“Dumb In Love With You”

“DUMB IN LOVE WITH YOU” DREAMER ISIOMA “Dumb In Love With You” is the first installment in the ‘Princess Forever’ series, chronicles the journey of Dreamer Isioma as he sets out to explore the neighboring planet of Diaspora X, which is located in close proximity to Dreamer’s home planet, Terra 2000. Given the imminent demise

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