Young Jasper Proves the GABOS Phrase to be True

Young Jasper’s latest EP, GABOS,  gives an inside look at his fast-paced lifestyle and the troubles that come with it delivered through hungry verses and raw aggression. 

One of the picks from the Dreamer Data Magazine, it is no surprise Young Jasper has already thrown his hat into the ring for the year of 2020. His latest project, GABOS, an acronym for “Game ain’t built on sympathy,” gets to the epitome of the phrase. Jasper’s vision is clear, by any means necessary he will reach the world stage he is destined for, regardless of who may stand in the way.

It is tough to tie down Jasper to any one sound, his discography illustrates this, and this project only builds on the range he has thus far put out. “Intro” has a low-key lead in with a piano riff alternating between dulled keys and one jutting out from the rest. Perhaps symbolic of the Chicago native’s individuality from his peers, “I can’t get along with n****s, cuz everyone think I’m boasting my life,” Jasper belts out. Alternatively from the humbled, “Intro,” Jasper lets the listener know what his vision is filled with dollar signs on “Charged.” Jasper’s hungry verses are built on the swirling 808 production, creating the foundation for his intense flow and materialistic bars. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the final track, “Tour Life” is much lighter from the instrumental, but Jasper’s greed is pushed to the side. Instead, his girl problems take center stage, she can’t handle his fast lifestyle. Jasper blows past the listener with speedy verses before plunging into a smoker’s anthem for the chorus. 

GABOS works as an update on the young artist’s career and personal life, dipping into his newfound success and rockstar lifestyle, partly thanks to his position on Comethazine’s tour, and how his new day-to-day has impacted those who have been around from the beginning. Through a mix of sounds ranging from grimy to airy, Jasper is able to see through it all.

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