YGM Riley (ft. Blenck Face)- “Trippin” (prod. Sammy P + DJ Moon)

YGM Riley and Blenck Face team up to brings us a new single titled “Trippin”. This is the first time the two have teamed up, but hopefully it won’t be the last. The beat is a very fun, bouncy type beat a very summer feeling song. YGM Riley, from Texas, has a very catchy, jumpy flow. This is my first time listening to him, but I am already hooked and want to hear more. Then there’s Blenck Face, Blenck can hop on any beat and find a way to kill it. Blenck’s lyrics are incomparable, he never fails to leave your mouth open after his verse, wowing the listeners with his words. The two artists are a perfect match between lyrics and just feel good music and I hope there is another collaboration between the two very soon.

Listen for yourself BELOW!

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