Xanman Depicts What He’s “Really Bout” in New Video

Xanman’s video for “Really Bout” adds to the atmosphere the rapper has worked to create around his tracks. 

A rising tide lifts all ships. This statement applies accurately to the DMV scene emerging from the eastern coast of the United States, recognized by speedy flows and caustic bars. One of the stars responsible for the increase of ears to the previously unheard region is Xanman. Immediately he sticks out by the forwardness of his name, but as you look into him more, the mystique only continues. 

Gaining popularity while in and out of prison, Xan relied on his management to truly take full control of his career. They handled his social media and made sure music was released steadily enough to keep fans interested, but didn’t inundate any streaming platforms. A quick scroll through Xanman’s Twitter allows one to see what entertainment he brings to the table, he is ruthless to trolls on the timeline. One day, saying he’s glad a girl’s grandmother is dead for speaking ill of his music, to most recently beefing with his ex-girl and claiming the baby isn’t his after she leaked his music.

“Really Bout” checks all the boxes for a great Xanman track, ignorant, witty bars delivered in a staccato manner over a grimy 808. The music video for the track shows what Xan is “Really Bout,” depicting Xanman in a trap house, surrounded by cash and others whipping a pot nearby. The  lyrical content is what really drives home Xanman’s authenticity, “run up on a plug with a drake tell him take care.” Not only a chilling bar but also one of many of Xan’s punchline bars in reference to another rapper. Xanman doesn’t stop for the entirety of the track, not even interrupted by a hook, he continues dropping punchline after punchline, ending the song in a way that seems like he wasn’t even done yet as if the engineer put a timer on him. 

If you still aren’t familiar with Xanman, then “Really Bout” is a great jumping-off point. It shows the rapper’s troubled past through his storytelling while embodying what makes Xan one of the best out of the DMV; engaging bars, eerie beats, and a flow that keeps you on your toes.

Check out the video here:

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