ondrcs – wtRzoNe

Chicago’s local music scene has been seeing a huge growth recently and a ton of new faces have started hitting the spotlight. One name you will surely be hearing a lot about this year, if you haven’t already, is ondrcs. Coming from the northwest side, ondrcs has been making music for a minute now featuring his own perpetually versatile style. He’s a rapper, producer, engineer, and an all around creative who has been locked in the studio all summer with fellow artists Dare! and Eleeza Silva. His latest offering is a single titled wtRzoNe which he produced, mixed, mastered, and even designed the cover art for. This is our first taste into how ondrcs has evolved musically since releasing Sensei in February and he does not disappoint. wtRzoNe features hard-hitting lyrics and a flow which simultaneously matches and is in perfect, direct opposition with the bubbly production. This track has me really excited to hear his upcoming album with Dare!, which is set to drop later this summer. Check out wtRzoNe below and if you fuck with it as much as I do, follow him on social media (@ondrcs) to stay up to date! 


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