Wiardon is Aimless in New Single, “Blindfold”

Wasting no time after his previous project, Probably Somewhere Ducked Off, Wiardon delivers a new single, “Blindfold,” produced by none other than Thelonious Martin.

Wiardon‘s first introduction into making rap music came through providing beats to rappers where he saw great underground success. Working with a star-studded list of up and comers, it seemed that production was the lane he fit perfectly, even scoring a placement on Lucki’s latest critically acclaimed release, Freewave 3. But as of late, Wiardon has mildly altered his pursuit, widening the berth of his lane to encompass rapping as well. You can often hear him over dusty, boom-bap style beats, reflecting on the day-to-day struggles that come with having to work the street as a means of income. His latest single is no different. 


Chicago favorite, Thelonious Martin lays the foundation to “Blindfold,” taking the instrumental down a somber path of many twists and turns using a down-trodden string line as well as tossing in a quiet, depressing piano loops intermittently throughout the track. Nearly crooning over the masterful production, Wiardon hits each pocket of the beat with authority and precision, striking a chord with every bar. His vocals are emotional, but his flow is focused. Wiardon paints himself as an outcast, shutout from socializing due to his incessant hustling, a common by-product of success in both rap and selling drugs. Surrounded by fake friends and social climbers, Wiardon expresses his distaste for his predicament with the bar, “I can see who real with my eyes closed, said fuck it and started shooting with a blindfold.” In a world full of phonies, Wiardon can aim in any direction without running the risk of hitting a friendly face. 


Wiardon with a “Blindfold” on is a menace, angered and saddened by those who wish to take advantage of him. He’s attacking all directions, in and out of music.

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