White John is Dodging Coyotes on “Road Runnin”

White John’s turbulent time since his admission to rapping has led to telling tales from the Los Angeles native. “Road Runnin” is no different as he struggles to keep clean and out of jail. 

Coming from the opposite end of a “first day out” track, White John debuted with his “Out on Bail” single. Sitting on this precarious ledge, the new artist finds himself in a rare set of circumstances, from here he can choose how his future goes, he could fight his way out of his underworld life. 

Given White John’s notoriety, stretching back well before his career in music, he has found himself around notable names that many wish for the opportunity to work with. On “Road Runnin” John secured an instrumental from the Mackk & Co producer Romo. Clapping hi-hats and bells intermittently dispersed through the jostling 808 provide the groundwork for White John’s layered vocal delivery. 

“White John the phone man,” comes shit-talking right off the bat, catching the groove of the production John gets egotistical, describing his care-less attitude surrounding his high-risk high-reward lifestyle and pending cases. Warning anyone who could potentially see him as glorifying his criminal escapades, he cautions that just being in the same car as him carries three to four charges due to the cargo on board. Perhaps the most interesting part of this track is the very real consequences that come with a wanted man releasing a song while under investigation. You never once have to think if White John is telling the truth, he isn’t lying to listeners, well he might be lying to throw the police off his tail but it seems he isn’t holding much back. 

While White John only has three tracks out, he continues to prove himself to be one of the most interesting artists in Los Angeles and the early releases will become canon. 

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