Watch Michael Christmas’ Cinematic New Music Video

Michael Christmas’ latest music video is cinematic in all regards, following the Boston artist along for a story full of twists and turns.

It’s possible no one bares their soul as much as Michael Christmas, never hiding his lows from his audience, in fact, it’s what most of his music is substantiated by. But he isn’t boo-hoo, woe-is-me, instead he is comedic, spitting self-deprecating bars as he often again falls back on smoking weed and watching cartoons, reminiscing on his childhood. 

In his latest release, fans were fortunate enough to be rewarded with not only a song, but a new video as well. “Who is he” is what everyone asks when they see Michael Christmas, anticipating some story of grandeur about what his allure is, but he only retorts back with, “just a young dumb n****.” Christmas bears the track as an opportunity to share stories, the verses follow him chronologically through his life, from immature shenanigans like smoking weed for the first time, to now where he is able to travel the world but remains unfulfilled. His flow at times taps into J.I.D. ‘s signature sound, but it’s almost ironic as before he kicks up the speed he raps, “Bitches I knew from way back give them the J.I.D. voice get off of my dick.” 

Contrasting harshly from the wondrous beat and daydreamy delivery is the blockbuster film that is the music video directed by Evan Colten. Not as childish but very much imaginative, it opens up with Michael fleeing the scene of a robbery with a duffle bag full of cash. It becomes clear he is in over his head though given the appearance of the Boston Police Department getting him to cooperate and work against his cohorts. To find out how this one ends you’re going to have to watch the video as it cannot be justified with words.

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