Watch Lerado Khalil’s New Crazed Visual For “Bro Nem”

Lerado Khalil provides a visual to one of the most intriguing tracks off his most recent full-length release, the aggressive single, “Bro Nem.”

Recognized by his brutish, coarse delivery Lerado is like a mix of Nolanberollin sonically, but Lucki emotionally. His most recent project, Mildly Happy takes the listener through Lerado’s mind-state and sees the paranoia and depression that plagues it. Haunted by previous relationships, trauma from poverty, all mixed with recreational drug use has made it difficult for Lerado to cope with his problems in a healthy manner. 

“Bro Nem” is one of the more combative tracks from the album, given the raw, tribal hand drums that make up the production. The highlight of the track is the second hook where Lerado finds the pockets of the beat in a stream of double rhyme lines rapping circles around the competition. 

Lerado has now released the second visual from Mildly Happy. Prior to the album release, the music video for “Split” came out to inform fans of the pending project. Now, fans can enjoy the visualization for “Bro Nem.” Depicting what appears to be Lerado losing his mind, the video opens with him performing in an empty theater with the camera angle, cutting, jumping, and glitching back to the crazed rapper. Moving onto what will be familiar to many is a play on the iconic scenes “That 70’s Show” where characters would sit in a circle smoking, with the camera whipping around depending on dialogue. In the music video, Lerado’s friends are smoking, but he is struggling to get out of a straight jacket until it seems the weed sets him free. Arguably the best cut in the video is Khalil literally wetting up the block, by splashing water on guys flashing jewelry standing on the corner before driving away laughing maniacally. 

The bizarre, seemingly disconnected scenes in the visual aid to “Bro Nem” just serves to add more layers to the emotionally complex project, Mildly Happy.

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