Visual 9- “Melody”

Smoke fills the air as the music video opens, the credits flash as Visual 9 steps into the shot, “Melody” begins. Visual 9 is seen preparing getting pumped as the beat builds up, performing in a crowd as it drops. From here on, the shots begin to alternate between the performance and Visual 9 on the streets of Chicago, keeping a low angle as he is walking the streets and rising up while he performs. 


The transitions and effects in the music video to Visual 9’s “Melody” are things to write home about, with fast transitions lining up with hi-hats and synths. As he raps about feeling the melody in his soul and being geeked, the visuals only get crazier, tracking his sporadic movements and overlaying them over one another. This makes for a music video that keeps those watching on their toes, waiting to see what trips them out next.


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