Vinsent- “A.S.E.I.D.A”

Synth pop artist Vinsent, born in St. Petersburg, Russia and now living in Michigan has just released a new album titled “A.S.E.I.D.A”. The album is packed with different sounds. The first song on the album “The Way You Feel About Me” starts off with Russian dialogue, throughout the whole album you can tell that Vinsent had a very strong Russian influence. The album makes me feel like I am in a retro skate rink, and I cannot get enough of it. Vinsent told me that he started making music at the age of just fourteen. But it does not stop at just music for Vincent, he is also big into streetwear and can be seen busting various fits throughout his instagram page.

If you are in search of new music, or just good music in general, we highly recommend streaming Vinsent’s latest album below!

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