TWIZZY – “i luv it”

We have an artist coming out of Kenwood in Chicago, IL. Twizzy dropped a song in the past week called “i luv it”, this R&B & Soul slow song really hits home. Twizzy uses gentle vocals to distribute how he feels about his significant other in the song. He started making music back in 2015 and really hit the ground running in 2017. The theme throughout the song stays consistent, which I found very appealing. Also, he can be very versatile which I found in other tracks such as “stoneheart.jpg”, “over u.”, or even older tracks like “not sober interlude”. Twizzy has a lot of great songs but this one caught my attention the most, I hope he continues to make this type of music in the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t had the chance to hear “i luv it” LISTEN BELOW!

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