TRiLLMARLY- “Another Year Of Heartbreaks”

TRiLLMARLY is back with his highly anticipated project “Another Year of Heartbreaks”. The project consist of 10 tracks, none that you can pass up. After talking to Marly about the project, he told us that this project is very meaningful to him, he wants to let his listeners know that no matter how bad their mental problems may get, they are not alone. Marly’s ability to express his mind through his music is quite impressive and makes it very easy for listeners to relate.  Marly plans to have close relationships with his fans and is very open about having people come to him to talk about their problems.  With various producers throughout the project, the beats go equally as hard as Marly. My favorite song off the project would have to be “She’s Evil” produced by NK Music, but not by much as all the tracks off the project are heat. I just recently began listening to Marly and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Marly has been on a roll for quite some time now, and I’m excited to see what’s next

But for now, listen to “Another Year of Heartbreaks” BELOW!

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