TRDML- “Sol Y Luna”

TRDML, an indie band coming out of the Chicago suburbs recently released a three song EP titled “Sol y Luna”. The band is new to me, and I am sad that I did not find them sooner. They have a very mellow sound, and bring you a feeling of bliss when listening. On the first track, they have a very special feature from artist VICTOR!, and is probably my favorite song on the EP, but not by far, all of the songs are good. TRDML is hard to put into a genre, they say thatchy are a fusion of hip-hop, guitar driven pop, and electronica. I like when musicians push the limits of genres and find a good mix of their sound. Looking through the band’s instagram, they are very organic, they don’t try to be something they are not, which is very pleasing to see. I plan on staying up to date with the band and hopefully can get them in a future show.

Listen to TRDML’s newest EP “Sol y Luna” below!

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