Tom The Mailman’s Sunset Visionary EP Gives a Preview of What To Expect in 2020

Tom The Mailman is starting the year off strong, releasing his EP Sunset Visionary – Vol. 1 on January 1st. It consists of only four tracks, but each one manages to impress the listener, giving fans a glimpse into what Tom is bringing to the table this year, and how much he has improved over the span of a year.

The four tracks on Sunset Visionary – Vol. 1 all bring something different to the table. The EP begins with the track “Come Over,” which plunges the listener into a heavy R&B sound right off the bat. It features soft snapping, a soothing guitar and background drums coming in halfway through. This is all strengthened by Tom’s singing, with his performance keeping the track lively and heartfelt. It is a tremendous introductory track and sets the tone for the EP by beginning with Tom’s personal fusion of hip-hop and r&b.

The second track has a more somber sound, with the background guitar chords evoking a primarily dispiriting reaction. Tom’s lyrics help further drive this feeling home, as he talks about lost love and running out of time, pushing the point that nothing lasts forever. As the song begins to close, Tom switches up the pitch on his voice, ranging from low to high on the chorus, bringing a distinct sound to the track. This is an excellent example of how Tom has grown, as the music on this album has more creativity, consistency, and heart put into it than any of his other projects. 

The track “Toxic” is a nice change of pace for the EP, as it speeds up the tempo a bit with quick delivery and a catchy drum pattern. On this track, he sings about his past experiences with toxic relationships, and how he refuses to settle for anything toxic ever again. Through an act of self-love, Tom establishes his own self-worth and is better able to identify toxicity in his life. He has had too many bad experiences with people who are no good for him, and instead of enduring it, he establishes that “if this shit gets toxic I can’t stay.”

The EP finishes off with the single “Traveling Alone,” which is a nice ender, though a known track as it was released as a single in late 2019. Tom puts on a captivating vocal performance over a down-beat based guitar beat as he longs for a past lover. The forlorn singer spends the track lamenting over his lost love as he begs and promises for change if he can just have a second chance. 

As a whole, Sunset Visionary Vol. 1 is a refreshing project, utilizing the strongest elements, compared to his past releases, of r&b, revitalizing his sound, while keeping it fresh. The track “Days in the East” keeps everything slow, touching on the subject of lost love, while the track “Toxic” shows that even though he is pining for love, Tom still refuses to settle for someone who is no good for him.

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