The Catch-Up

Over the course of Dreamer Data’s shutdown in preparation for the relaunch, there were a few releases that could not be ignored. This list will provide a brief overview of some of the notable drops that must be heard. 

Belis’ SAY WHY U LUV ME 2 is first on the list, not only because of her placement in the magazine, but because it also marks her first official project. At not even ten minutes long, the Neilaworld star trimmed all possible filler. The project serves as a vehicle for her to unload a few fan-adored snippets and further establish herself in the scene. Throughout the mixtape, Belis’s baby-voice vocals are utilized with prominence. This bolsters the infectious nature of tracks like “RAGE,” in which the hypnotic delivery dances between the swirling production and anthemic chorus to create Belis’ textbook sound.

In 2019 and continuing into 2020, Detroit has been making its way into the underground rap scene with acts like BabyTron, Teejayx6, and Sada Baby at the forefront. Alongside these few, Baby Smoove has been making a name for himself for his glazed over, intoxicated raps. Dropping multiple projects in 2019, it’s clear he is putting time and energy into his craft, even if his excitement doesn’t seep into his delivery. Most recently he released Baby, a full-length project consisting of twenty songs with something there for everybody. Even getting into some harsher, whispering raps like “Off White Apparel,” which has a looming 808 and is exclusively performed in back of the classroom styled whispers. While Baby Smoove may not be crunching into any beats, it just adds to the mystique of his character, and it’s abundantly clear he’s been paid before rap.

Potentially the most elusive and reclusive rapper on SoundCloud, NolanBeRollin does not want anything to do with fame. Hailed as The Beanman since he was in twelfth grade, he has elevated his status since then, releasing Ultrabeanman, an upgrade to the family-friendly moniker. Despite his title-tied nickname to being a drug dealer, you can find that Nolan does not need to portray himself as some rough, active dopeboy type. He will let you know that one of his hobbies is expanding his glock collection, but in the next bar will be lamenting over his girl issues and awkwardness. On “R34” (named after another one of his hobbies, 1990’s JDM cars) Nolan can be heard somberly rapping, “I’m a nice guy I need nice things.” Nolan handles his own melancholy production for the duration of the tape in the form of 808’s filled with bloops and nintendo samples. 

Reviving one of the most iconic tracks from the 90’s, Captain Crunch snags a sample from Biggie Smalls for Goonew’s track, “Suicidal Thoughts.” As if the DMV standout weren’t eerie enough with his intimidating delivery, the context of the sample only emphasizes the life or death situation Goonew walks the listener through. Adding a heavy bassline, Captain Crunch turns the sample from a self-defeating beat, to a menacing war song. Goonew spends the track flexing and detailing some of his worst actions, “I robbed my cousin man I needed it all, I should have killed him he was running his jaw.” Goonew’s ability to keep pace with an archetypal sound of hip-hop, will work to cement his place in rap, and definitely annoy some old heads in the process. 

SoundCloud’s playboy Stacy Money released his latest album, The Blue Album, named after the emotion that carries through the project. Gracefully going from track to track, Stacy croons for whatever girl he finds himself caught up for at that moment in time with lines like, “if she leave me then it don’t matter.” Stacy’s mix of falling deeply in love but quickly becoming callous is his calling card. This much is even evident from his Twitter account, where fans can see him go from lovey-dovey, to cold in a matter of 240 characters. His R&B influenced sound mixed with the bouncy bass and guitar sample on “Chanel” creates a rollercoaster of chasing love, and then a bag, and then love, before going back to a bag all over again. Stacy Money hasn’t popped out with any one hit track yet, but his consistent stream of heartfelt songs has allowed him to steadily rise above other artists.

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