Taurus Allen’s Deafening Silence EP Brings The Audience Up To Speed

Taurus Allen’s Deafening Silence is defined by stripped-down production and deep-cutting,   personal bars. 

It might be difficult to say Taurus Allen makes rap music, it could be more aptly defined as poetry, given his nearly spoken word delivery and tranquil production. Taking full advantage of the soulful, jazzy backdrops, Taurus uses the beats as a blank canvas for him to simplify his complicated thoughts.

His songs wear the influence of his environment and media consumption, his previous tape featuring multiple Fight Club references as well as sampling lines from the movie. When asked about the creative process, he says he spends all day writing. “I see something in a movie or out my window, whatever’s in my head. That’s why my songs have that feeling like I’m just thinking, because I’m just saying the ideas I’ve been writing down all week or whatever.” This stream of consciousness method of writing is incredibly prevalent across his music, heavily accenting his moodiness. Constantly going off on tangents and potentially most notably, titling the last track, “4.) I feel like im forgetting something,” when the EP only consists of three songs. 

Kicking off the EP is the nihilistic, “1.) I have to name it?” A manic confessional full of realizations that, right before the beat completely unfolds, sees Taurus say, “nothing really matters, when you hit the ground you gon’ splatter.” The track title proves that Taurus truly utilizes rap music as a method for him to air out his emotions, not concerned with the marketing or commercial side of his art. The somber track features Taurus airing out his dirty laundry, “none of my relationships is healthy, n**** mind ya business.” He also struggles to understand his own actions as he grapples with himself. When the expectation of a baby he didn’t want is gone, the girl in his life disappeared, leaving Taurus feeling unwanted and ultimately discarded. 

As uncertain as “1.) I have to name it?” is, “2.) BUN B SHOT SOMEBODY today” gives way to a more focused and confident Taurus. Recorded the same day that Bun B had to shoot an armed robber in his home, the track’s fatal nature is reflected in the sinister production. Normally Taurus is second-guessing himself, however on this song he is extremely keen in his decision making and sense of self worth, with wordplay-riddled lines like, “Kill this mic like my tongue was used to euthanize, that’s that dog, you boys couldn’t stop me if ya name was pause(paws).” Delivering one cold-hearted bar after another, Taurus is rapping circles around the competition. Lines like, “they was running around with hi-points, I cant wait to up this ruger, fuck around and turn you to an organ donor,” are an affirmation to Taurus’ self-assurance and his refusal to be silenced.

The only track to be accompanied with a music video, “4.) i feel like im forgetting something.” is celebratory in essence, serving as the light at the end of the tunnel wrapping up the EP. Featuring upbeat vocal samples, a jittery piano loop, and overall a more positive Taurus, the track sticks out from the other two. Unable to loaf, he is steadily working on bettering his situation, “better be comfy in that house n****, I’m in the field trying to dismantle the master’s house with his tools.” The video shows an emotionally detached Taurus at a cookout, being shaken by those around him as he raps, “where you been at T, how you get that T?” depicting the difficulties he faces when his loved ones view him differently as he climbs the societal totem pole. This theme is potent throughout the project’s short runtime, and finds Taurus in a constant tug-of-war between his status and his own happiness.

Deafening Silence might not have much to it in terms of a tracklist, but the three tracks speak volumes. Taurus is able to connect with the audience on a personal level as he speaks from the heart on issues actually bothering him in the moment. 

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