Summrs is Geeked Up in New Single “Coke”

SoundCloud’s latest phenom Summrs works with common collaborator Kankan on his latest high-pitched exploit, “Coke.”

Louisiana’s latest star, Summrs has been making noise through his distinctive Auto-tuned sound and the tight group of creators he keeps around him. Defined by his personal mix of rap and melody, Summrs has reinvented how post-production effects can be used, and what can be labeled as rap. One might be able to say that Summrs is nothing more than his vocal preset, but even with his presets for sale via his Instagram and Twitter, no one else has been able to see the success he has through his particular concoction. Summrs truly stepped onto the scene after underground gatekeeper Brent Rambo began sending beats to the young artist and giving him his good graces on Twitter. 

Summrs latest track, “Coke,” features an eery 808 from Kankan that is rattled back and forth through the bass. Summrs opens up the track with the hook, rapping about the criminal characters he keeps around him, his wrist, and that he just tried cocaine. From there Summrs piques the ears of the listener through stretching out his vocals to  the ceiling of his range. “He sipping green lean like a gecko, red dot on his head like a freckle,” Summrs again reminds fans that he isn’t new to designer drugs or graphic violence. When he isn’t rhyming about drugs or violence, he tends to be disavowing girls from his life, in this track he raps, “she belong to this life, she just signed an oath.” Summrs’ cannot be boxed in as another SoundCloud rapper, his emphatic bars and melodic delivery won’t allow it. And try telling that to one of his fans. 

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