Serena Isioma – “Breathe”

This artist is coming out of Chicago, IL, Serena Isioma caused some serious waves with her new track “Breathe”. Serena might make you step out of your comfort zone with this because even if you don’t listen to this genre of music you’ll likely be drawn in by her unique sound. Her flow is mellow and soft, this is definitely a song you could listen to at any time and still have a good time. The slow guitar strums compliment her high pitched voice fairly well. Serena also gives us a nice melody throughout the whole entire song. She adds a slightly noticeable auto-tune that elevates the song, which came like the final ending piece or as some people may refer to as the “cherry on top”. In the lyrical aspect of the song, she talks about how a significant other makes her feel and describes what they are going through, as it seems like they’re dealing with a rough patch in their current relationship. I felt like I took a step in the mind of Serena.  


Furthermore, in a recent interview, Serena told me that she has moved around the world, bouncing around the United Kingdom, Nigeria but has spent the majority of her life in the United States. Now with that being stated Serena has lots of variety to bring to the mix with her music as she presented with “Breathe”. She started making music early as she released her first song in the summer going into her sophomore year. People started showing interest in Serena’s talent and She would take notice with numbers of plays she acquiring over a short amount of time. After this, she decided to take her music career more serious but would late stop to focus on the business side of her image while having an internship with an internet company. During this time Serna would also focus on what she wanted her sound to be portrayed with the rest of us. Now we’re in the point in time where thankfully for us Serena Isioma is back to making music. Serena has a lot of potential and I can definitely see her coming across a great path of success.


“Breathe” by Serena Isioma is out and available for you to LISTEN BELOW!


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