Rips Makes Their Debut With Their Brand New Winter Collection

Rips just released their very first Winter Collection. Trip, the owner and executive designer behind the brand began the creative pursuit over a year ago. The winter collection started to be designed only three months back, the collection consists of a cream and grey colored crop sweater, a dyed carhartt vest, 3 thermal hoodies, 2 neoprene hooded sweatshirts, one tee shirt, and a Biker Chain in the Rips style.

The cropped sweatshirts are offered in two color-ways, cream and grey. The hoodies have a blank front with a large graphic on the back. The back graphic displays two hands, one going to shake the other, while the opposite hand is a snake attacking. Over the hands is a large evil smile with the text “Surrounded by crooked smiles” going around the graphic. Trip told us that this phrase refers to the environment he has been surrounded by his whole life, the city of Chicago, a city where you can trust no-one. Rips first collection is a reflection of Trip’s past time, lessons he’s learned,  and mistakes he’s made, nothing is omitted.

Dyed by Trip the carhartt vest is offered in one exclusively black. The interior is lined with Sherpa, while the outside is a heavy cotton sandstone duck to keep those who wear warm. On the left front pocket is a red reflective “Surrounded by crooked smiles” graphic, the dark tones of the vest complement the graphic’s glow perfectly. Another detail Trip felt was necessary for this piece along with others is a small orange acrylic zipper hibiscus that reads “Rips”.

When I got the chance to talk to Trip he told me that one day he was in his mother’s closet digging through clothes when he came upon a heavy thermal sweatshirt. Trip was intrigued by its heavy feel, he knew those who would wear the piece would be warm and comfortable, so he sought out to find his own to make. The thermal hoodies are offered in three color ways, pattern dyed, which is a color removed, krinkle dyed zip up. Then there are two options for black, one that features a small green “surrounded by crooked smiles” graphic on the right front pocket and a large graphic on the back that all may perceive differently, the graphic pictures two birds on a circle, on upside down, and in the center is “Rips”. The other black thermal hoodie has a large graphic consisting of two birds, two copies of Earth and “Rips” text going down the right chest, on the back is a small graphic on the upper back of a snake circling “Rips” text. Both black hoodies also have the Rips acrylic zipper hibiscus’ as well.

The dyed neoprene hoodies are available in two color ways. The first is a triple black zip up the hoodie has a black interior with a small Rips reflective graphic on the right pocket and a reflective graphic on the hood picturing teeth. The other neoprene work hoodie is a color removed krinkle dyed zip up. The color almost comes out to a nice blue, with a green interior. The front has a small Rips graphic on the right pocket and a large “fools die” graphic on the back. The neoprene hoodies came out with a superb matte finish, and after talking to Trip he said he loves the fact you are able to really do whatever in the hoodies and still feel comfortable.

“Here to help” is a very unique and eye-catching piece in the collection. It’s a hand dyed jean jacket with “here to help” embroidered over the front right pocket, and a bright yellow graphic of a girl standing on the back. The jacket has a clean but distressed look, the placement of the tears on the jacket were chosen perfectly.

Last but not least in the collection is the Rips biker chain. The chain was cut and sewn by Trip, made of thick rope, the chain intertwines and ends with a clasp that you would find in everyday life. Its a very unique addition to the collection as well, it was my first time seeing something like this.




Overall, the Rips Winter Collection was groundbreaking to say the least. Everything from the colors, to the textures and material was picked perfectly. When I asked Trip what type of brand he would consider Rips, he told me, “a universe” meaning he wants to incorporate everything into his clothing with no boundaries, he did mention if you have to categorize it, he would consider Rips high fashion. Thats shown is the collection, with the mix of the “Rips World” designs featured on a few of the pieces. The future is limitless for this young high end fashion company, and I’m excited to see it unravel.

Rips Winter Collection look book was shot by Enrique Manjarrez

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