QLAW is a Chicago native and has recently dropped a track called “BROKE X QLAW”. His flow is nasty and clear-cut. This song caught me off guard, because he starts off the song with the beat just running, then with some screams that grab your attention. Following the screams, I was a hit with a clean hook as if I were in a boxing match. After the hook, his flow changes and QLAW delivers bars after bars with infirmity. The speed that he can drops verses is extraordinary. This song is bound to have your head bobbing along with the beat. Apparently, QLAW has always had an interest in making music. After asking him a couple of questions he informed me that He used to perform in middle school and high school talent shows. After some time had passed he and one of his closest friends who also made music asked QLAW to hop on his tape, then they both hopped on a track to record a song together. Following that he decided one day that he would go into a studio by himself and made his first song. As QLAW stated, “The rest is history”. He could really make some damage with the fast-paced flow and exclusive sound that he has. QLAW has definitely been placed on my radars to keep a lookout for.


If you still haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy QLAW’s “BROKE X QLAW” LISTEN BELOW!


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