PULL UP (feat. Tone Taso)

Coming out of Joliet, IL, Blenck Face starts off with a nostalgic sounding beat that draws you in and then he comes in with low verses that compliment the high hitting beat very well. Blenck delivered an immediate hook, which stays consistent throughout the majority of the song. I found this hook to be very “catchy”. Not only is the message hard hitting but there is still fluidity to the lyrics. Blenck Face also teamed up with Tone Taso to make this project. Tone came in with a similar hard hitting flow but his verse was almost like the missing piece to this song. This is the first time these two artist have ever collabed on a track but it definitely shouldn’t be the last. If you think that Blenck’s talents are limited to just writing and rapping you are surely mistaken because Blenck also produced the beat and is relatively new to producing which was found very impressive.


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