Dreamer Data’s videography production crew is well versed in all aspects of video creation. With more than two years of experience Dreamer Data is more than capable of handling any and all types of projects. Comfortable behind the camera and behind a computer editing footage, Dreamer Data’s videography team consists of Directors, Cinematographers, SFX/CGI Artists, and more.

Book us for your next: Music Video, BTS, lookbooks, commercial, and more!


Dreamer Data’s duo of photographers have a combined 8+ years of experience in shooting both film and digital. Whether it be a shoot for an upcoming release or content for social media, our team is ready to create with you.

We have shot portraits, events, products, behind the scenes, and everything and anything music-related. With a strong focus and dedication to bring your ideas to life, we are confident that we can help you execute your next project- whatever it may be.


Dreamer Data’s writing team consists of Marcus Pruitt, Iman Music, and Gerard ‘Muppity’ Mullin. Combined, the three have six years of writing experience, contributing to various blogs and publications throughout the years to perfect their craft.

We have experience writing artist bios, press releases, album reviews, product descriptions, and more! Working effectively and cohesively, our team of writers is determined to deliver work that helps elevate your career.  Whether you need an artist bio to revamp your Spotify profile or a press release for marketing your next project, we’ve got you covered!