Preme- Stop Wasting Time (Dir. Jared Avalos

A clock briefly ticks before falling into the place of the o in the title of Preme’s track, “Stop Wasting Time.” As Preme’s name flashes on the screen, it transitions to the back of his hat, opening the music video. He stands in the snow, battling the elements of the cold Chicago winter as he raps in front of The Bean. He is also seen in various other parts of the city, including a skate park and parking garage, the latter of which he is accompanied by friends. 


The direction from Jared Avalos works to match the brash nature of the song, utilizing zooms, low camera angles, and reflection from The Bean to capture Preme in an imposing light. Aside from the unique shots, Avalos also utilizes a security-style camera, video overlays, and warping transitions to accentuate the track’s synths and kicks. The snow, which is usually seen as a peaceful element of the weather, contrasts well with Preme’s bars, who orchestrated the production in a way that brought power to the track as a whole through kicks, 808s, and short synths. 

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