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We got the chance to get Alex Burke, a photographer out of Chicago to answer some questions, Alex has a very impressive portfolio, not only because he’s shot shows for Juice Wrld and other big time artists, but because you can see the passion he has for photography. Get to know Alex, below!

Q: When and how did you get into photography?
A: I got into it through my homie Dom Jas, shoutout to him for lending me a roll of film that day. Love that dude. This was a few years ago.
Q: What is your favorite type of photography?
A: I’ve really been into a lot of self-portrait work lately. I really love Kourtney Roy, her work has really been a huge inspiration to me as of late.
Q: Do you like working with/ shooting for small, underground artists, or bigger artists more?
A: Doesn’t matter if you got 50 followers or 500k followers, if I see something in you i’m going to work with you. I only collab with people who have pure intentions with their work. It sucks that some of these artists only care about the clout and not the quality of the work, that really bums me out. Nobody fucks with you until everyone fucks with you, I came to that conclusion.
Q: Who is your biggest influence?
A:  Nigo, Kanye West, and Bam Margera
Q: What is your most memorable encounter with an artist
A: I couldn’t say one in particular but it’s crazy when artists that you grew up being influenced by their work tell you that they fuck with you. That’s always crazy to me.
Q: With your recent move to California, are you able to tell us which scenery you like better?
A: Cali is cool but it definitely gets old after you get used to everything. Don’t get me wrong I love it here but I know it’s a lot
Q: What is your favorite photo you’ve shot?
A:  Shooting with my friends is my favorite shit to do. I usually work well with Kameron from Triumphant Jovanis Cain, or my brother Gilbert.
Q: What should people expect in the future of Alex Burke?
A: I got everything coming soon. More life.
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