Phosphorous Music Video

This video will have a mix of slow and fast paced cuts where the beat dictates the pacing. The tone will be fairly dark and blue matching the mood of the record. There will be a good amount of movement throughout the video both handheld and gimbal shots with a few still tripod shots included throughout.

Scene 1

I envision this being the opening shot for the video and used throughout most of the video. We’ll need some cool, black sunglasses and a piano or keyboard.

Scene 2

Driving scene fairly simple shots. At some point we can park and use a spray bottle to fake the rain on the window for dramatized purposes.

Scene 3

Recreating this shot from True Detective. Simple set up we’ll just need a white wall and a cross.

Scene 4

Performace shot with the cityscape in the background. We’ll use the car’s headlights to light Tullis.

Scene 5

This may be our only daylight scene, but to match the dark mood of the video we’ll most likely put it in B&W. Using a slow shutter to get the blurry effect we’ll only have one performance angle where I’ll circle Tullis creating a dizzying-dreamy effect