Nolanberollin’s Latest Track “Tourer V” Highlights the Virginia Rapper’s Sticking Points

Nolanberollin and frequent collaborator, Eera, team up to provide a sinister new offering in the form of Nolan’s latest single, “tourer v 地方戦 爆笑レポート SL Vol 03.”

Nolanberollin, the Virginian rapper has managed to stay under the radar of many big-wigs in the music industry(although being a favorite of Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig) while amassing a cult following in the underground, because that’s just the way he wants things. From his breakout song, “Pharmacist,” Nolan has made it clear that he is not interested in friends, or even being a part of society at times. The only groups he seems to want to be a part of include niche car enthusiasts and internet forums for him to share memes. 

Nolan’s music has clearly been a way for him to communicate his feelings and inner thoughts, which is ironic given his metallic, cold delivery. Consistently battling with thoughts of suicide, he is well-known for his “DON’T DO IT” adlib, even having a series of songs named after the catchphrase. Running “jokes” are common motifs in Nolan’s barebones music, like his long-running list of monikers, most of them nonsensical, including but not limited to The Beanman, Young Life Alert, as well as Mr. Robyoufornoreason.

It’s no secret that Nolan has an affinity for old-school, modified Japanese drift cars. The title and cover are a nod to the Japanese racing company, Kazama Auto. An impromptu music video to advertise the new song features screen-recorded footage of the mobile game “Hashiriya Drifter,” and the track has accurately been described by fans as “drift music.”

The song is made up of Nolan’s bread and butter; a dirty, muddled, lo-fi 808, as well as callous lyrics and monotonous delivery. Detached and near-indifferent, Nolan is unphased and aware of his surroundings, growling, “opps on the block I just nod and observe.” Though Nolan can’t quite be defined as a “punchline rapper” per say, his bars can be comedic and contain more than their fair share of wordplay. The track is chock full of hyper-analyzing bars such as, “most y’all n***** lead the sweet (suite) life, call you Zack,” and, “n***** real pussy, I can tell from the Hellcat.” A reference to the popular Dodge made vehicle and Atlanta trap staple, Nolan isn’t a fan of boring, traditional muscle cars and makes it quite clear. He’d rather stick to Nissans and Toyotas, who Kazama manufactures for.

tourer v 地方戦 爆笑レポート SL Vol 03” is Nolan’s way of looking down on the rap game, letting everyone know that he’s paying close attention despite keeping to himself. 

Stream Tourer v below!


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