Nate Nics Continues Hot Streak with New Freestyle Friday

Nate Nics’ Freestyle Fridays continues his hot streak with latest track, “Atta Boy.”

Boston M.C. Nate Nics does not follow trends or waves. Putting thoughts and emotions into rhyme form, his bars come across as honest and transparent. His flow is nostalgic and simple, but his lines can contain hard-hitting punchlines or sentimental, spending much of his … Gosh Darnit EP reminiscing on his late uncle from which he got his namesake.

Courtesy of Nate Nics Spotify

As a way to continuously challenge himself and keep fans satisfied he has spent the last month releasing a new song each Friday, with no signs of slowing down. Never overcomplicating his delivery, it’s in his lyrics that he puts the puzzles in place. Produced by Abnormal Norman, the old-school, staticky and bluesy instrumental provides the framework for Nate to impart wisdom he received from his mother. Knowing that truth is never right in front of who is looking for it, “n***** seeking facts in lies,” Nate pushes past the materialistic want in the world seeing it for what it is, “garnished and gold studded Louis Vuitton nooses.” The message of the track is the key to happiness can’t be from an outside source, it has to come from self-love, something he struggles with himself, “been a child and been a mutt, so the man in the reflection of the mirror I don’t trust.” Finishing off the track with a sample of his mother speaking about the importance of self-love and how she was never able to capture it, brings out the heart of the track, drawing it closer to Nate and listeners alike.

Nate Nics is on the rise. His output hasn’t resulted in a loss of quality making him one of the most dangerous artists coming out of the overlooked city of Boston. 


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