MUDDY MICK- “Hell Raiser”

Chicago’s Muddy Mick just released an eight song project full of heat. When you see any project with Luke Almighty and MachoBeatz as the producers, just know it’s going to be hot. Muddy Mick is an artist I have been listening to since mid October, his voice is very unique and he has this evil monotoned voice that he utilizes very well. He does not slack on lyrics either, Mick has a bunch of lyrics throughout the project that will make you have that “awwww shiiiit” face. Muddy Mick brings big energy into his music, and anyone that has seen him live can tell you that, his concerts always result in a screaming mosh pit. Mick also got some help from PPGCasper and Sovren on the project, both artists compliment Mick’s voice very well. My personal favorite on the project would have to be “Pornstar” ft. Sovren, with “Pressure” as a close second, but every song bangs. What makes for a good project to me is one that I can play through without having to skip a song, and that is just what Muddy Mick has done.

Listen to “Hell Raiser” BELOW!

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