Mimic- “Stripes”

Pop artist, Mimic just released his highly anticipated project “Stripes”. This is a project I have been looking forward to for quite for some time. Mimic’s last project “Watering Grass” was the first thing of Mimic’s that I listened to, and I could not get enough. Mimic told us that this past summer was huge for him as he was experimenting with tons of different sounds trying to find sounds that no one has ever heard before. Stripes was planned in the summer, by late September Mimic already had 11 tracks set, 8 of those were scrapped. After being scrapped Mimic finished the rest of the project in a three month duration. Mimic said that this project is very important to him, he leaves it loose ended for the listeners interpretation. This project is very pivotal to Mimic’s sound and name. The places Mimic can go from here is limitless. This is a very unique project, but with it’s uniqueness and odd sounds, it makes for one of the most beautifully composed projects I have heard in a while. Mimic will be performing “Stripes” at our show next weekend December 22, so be sure to come out and jam with us.

But for now, listen, learn, and repeat “Stripes” BELOW!

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