Meet WhiteJohn, LA’s Latest Shit-Talker

White John, the trapper turned rapper, has been making noise in the LA underground from his previous following as being the man around town.

At first look, White John might appear to be another guy simply trying to make his way into the music industry by using trap rap as the vehicle to do so. But outside of his rugged rhymes and an undeniably west coast sound, he stands out for a few reasons. He is verifiably about what he rhymes, and on his latest track “Showtime,” he raps, “suckers tried to play me on Melrose, I knocked the piss out them.” Referring to the infamous viral video of White John actually knocking out three guys on Melrose Boulevard in Los Angeles following a confrontation. A clip of the fight also flashes during the music video at the honest line. 

While White John isn’t the first authentic rapper out of California, he separates himself in a different way. He is actually engaging to listen to, with his street anthems reeking of charisma and triumph. Plenty have come before White John offering true stories, but they also carry with them glaring flaws, like played-out flows and boring punchlines. The self-proclaimed don has taken a different approach. Through the relationships he was able to make before rapping, White John has been able to connect with quality artists, such as 420Tiesto who provides the instrumental for “Showtime,” as well as hints at impressive features from the likes of DSavage and members of Shoreline Mafia. 

First releasing “Out On Bail” after a drug arrest, the track was quickly popularized by friends of White John and later pushed to listeners outside of his immediate circle. Now boasting over fifty-thousand streams, the track was an explosive entry into a saturated LA market. The track humanizes White John, painting him more like an addict than a criminal, a man stuck between a rock and a hard place. He spits conflicting bars such as, “I don’t wanna go to jail but I’m in love with fast cash,” over the patented west coast production. A down-beat piano riff accentuates the fat bass line that gets to the heart of the current west coast scene’s affinity for high-BPM, eerie instrumentals.

Following “Out On Bail,” White John released “Showtime,” a track that embodies what fans have dubbed “shit talking music.” The sound is defined by its witty, jokelike one-liners and excess of bravado in the delivery of every threat, flex, and near-confession. Accompanying “Showtime,” is White John’s first visual directed by MrRealMovie. Hazy footage depicts White John on the day-to-day, eating good and smoking while he fields multiple phone calls. White John uses the track as an opportunity to list off his accolades: from being undefeated on Melrose, robbing drug dealers with impunity, and expensive cups mixed with exotic weed. “Showtime” gets down to the core of what “shit-talking music” is supposed to be.

Though White John has been rapping for only a small period of time, he has already made his mark on the California underground. But he may run the risk of going down the same path of rising LA stars before him who were snuffed of their chance to prosper due to jail-time. Much like 03 Greedo or Drakeo The Ruler who is still battling his case, White John’s fate is currently unknown, as he is still just “Out On Bail,” awaiting trial. No matter the outcome though, White John appears to have a few tricks up his sleeve, proclaiming, “if I don’t beat the case they gon’ chase my ass.” Regardless of how his trial plays out, White John has a growing army of supporters eagerly waiting on his next release.

But until then, here’s some music to hold you over

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