Meet Autumn, Louisiana’s New Artist

Whether he’s in a Mclaren 720S or screaming “Free Bugg!” Louisiana rapper Autumn is always moving fast and full of purpose. This is reflected by his music, which has only gotten better since his debut late last decade.

When he first started off, Autumn wasn’t in it for the money, which he still stays true to today. In an Instagram Live video, he told fans that he “was just happy to say I made this off of music.” As he got bigger in 2018 he began to have access to a more lavish lifestyle, but still was able to stay humble. Nowadays, he has been playing it smart and putting out music to keep his fans entertained, all the while managing to still have fun with music. 

During first listen, Autumn already leaves an impression on the listener. His high pitched voice floats on whatever track is played, working to complement the often fast-paced beats he chooses to use. His latest track “Still The Same!” exemplifies this the best way possible, as he opens up spitting bars, continuing for a minute straight until everything slows down, allowing the simplistic piano in the background to shine amongst Autumn’s smooth vocals. One of the best things about Autumn is the way he utilizes autotune. He doesn’t rely on it as a crutch, but rather uses it to add a nice dynamic to his voice, much like fellow Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne. Aside from his latest track, some of Autumn’s best performances are on tracks like “Gotta Keep Going!,” Composure!,” and “Nina!” as they all work to separate him from other up and coming artists.

On those tracks, as well as countless others in Autumn’s catalog, he spits back to back bars on beats that sound almost otherworldly with their synth and bass. This makes for a sound that keeps the listener engaged and entranced by his music, as his lyrics keep them on their toes while the beat catches them by surprise. This is partially thanks to producers Goyxrd & XanGang, who Autumn collaborates with frequently. Another artist who Autumn works with frequently is Summrs. The two have teamed up to release bangers like “Witchu!” and “Way To Gooo!,” among others, and when paired with Goyxrd & XanGang, the group brings a sound to the table that is like no other. 

Following the release of his January track “Still The Same!,” fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for Autumn to drop another hit. If his work ethic is anything like his raps, he will continue to work his way into the ears of music lovers everywhere.

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