Marcus Pruitt

Writer and Project Rollout Manager for Dreamer Data, Marcus has been writing for two and a half years. Joining Dreamer Data in late 2019, Marcus has been striving to help give artists a voice through write-ups, interviews, and by assisting them throughout our rollout process. You can see some of his work in the first issue of the Dreamer Data Magazine, where he covered creatives like Griffin Olis and Justin Mensinger. In summer 2020, he also worked alongside Superstar Jig, helping him with the rollout of his album Rainbow Road 2. Not only does Marcus write for Dreamer Data, but AUDIBLWAV as well, where he serves as the Senior Staff Writer. His experience with both of these publications have strengthened his ability to uncover information about a subject and to put together a piece that is polished and worth the read.
Strengths: Well-crafted bios & press releases, insightful interviewing skills, quick turnaround.

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