Manwolves- “Reaper” Visuals

Manwolves, a band started out of Evanston, IL just had a visual for their song “Reaper” dropped off of Elevator‘s youtube. The video is well shot and directed, made to give you a nice laugh. The plot of the video is the lead singer of the band, Jamie, is being followed by a grim reaper, this grim reaper however, is invisible to the rest of the band. Throughout the video Jamie and this grim reaper become best friends, doing everything together. The band has been together for quite some time now, and is hard to put into a genre. I started listening to Manwolves after finding their single “8:38” on Soundcloud, and cannot get enough. With all the instruments, mixed what I would say is rapping, the band fits any genre that you would like, and they are out of the Chicago area, making them even better.

If you have not heard of Manwolves or haven’t seen their latest visual, I highly recommend doing so, BELOW!

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