Manwolves- “Internet Child”

Manwolves, a band coming out of Chicago has just released their new single “Internet Child” and it is nothing to miss out on. Manwolves is probably my favorite band, I couldn’t tell you what genre they are, so you can just call them a good music band. I’ve been listening to them since late 2016, and have watched their interview with Chicago Sleepers multiple times, the band consists six members. Their unique take on music always keeps their fans coming back for more. I am a new listener to Ruby Laporta but am already a big fan as her back up vocals complete the song. Manwolves has been all over the country lately doing show after show. Their fanbase has been growing steadily, people from all over are starting to become familiar with the name Manwolves. This track may be one of my favorites from them and has gotten me very excited for what they have in store for us in the future.

But until then, stream “Internet Child” BELOW!

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