Lucki’s Trying Past Was All “4 The Betta”

In anticipation of the next installment of the Days B4 series, Lucki releases the spacious single, “4 The Betta.” 

Following critical acclaim as well as praise from fans after Freewave 3, Chicago’s star Lucki prepares for his next full-length release Days B4 3, slated for October 25. With less than a year since Freewave 3, Lucki has continued to release singles, as well as Extra Lucky 2, a succinct EP with producer Brent Rambo. Most recently, the first single off of Days B4 3 was officially released, the optimistic “4 The Betta.”

Never shying from letting his emotions out, Lucki has made it clear that he has had a tumultuous love life that has lead to his lowest lows, and his highest highs. Sometimes getting caught up over one girl, Freewave 3 was meant for l girl of his dreams who had left him behind. “4 The Betta” has Lucki looking to his fortunate present, as well as for what the future has in store for him. Produced by DJ Eway, the instrumental is reflective and reverberative through the peaceful 808. Lucki croons over the light beat, melodically singing out the last of his lines as opposed to his normal abrupt rapping. Reminiscing on his past of drug addiction and lost love, Lucki sees how far he has come and how he has only  grown as a human from these experiences.

Lucki’s turbulent past allows him to look back and see that these ordeals helped create his character, “4 The Betta.”

Listen to 4 The Betta BELOW!

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