Lucki’s “Do You Worry” Leaves The Audience Anxious For His Health

“Do You Worry” depicts a Lucki looking for love, rapping over bumping, electric production from frequent collaborator Oxy. Lucki takes us on a ride full of substances and self-destruction.

Lucki is the self-proclaimed “underground king” coming out of Chicago who is known for his drugged out, heartfelt anthems about his struggles in love and addiction, as well as the disasters that occur when the two intertwine. His most recent album, Freewave 3 acts as his love letter to a girl who has left him behind, featuring a plethora of lines akin to, “I’m gonna pop these percs for you, even though you don’t want me to.” In the same vein of his newest release, Lucki acts out of spite to his girl, and at times out of character to what he has grown to expect from himself, all in an attempt to settle his aching heart. Oxy’s glazed over instrumental features a synthesizer loop rifling through notes. The tumbling, somber production allows a look into the mind of a maxed-out Lucki, gliding through his mind as he spins out of consciousness. Before the drums come in, you can hear Lucki mumbling, “do you worry about me,” sounding as if he’s already too far gone, only looking for validation that a girl is agonizing over his drug use. The high Lucki is actually chasing is real love. The Chicago native uses a flow that pulsates up and down, and almost sees him singing by the end of each bar. Fake love is all too common to the 197 dasher, who spits, “Thought they fucked with me, still feel they knife cutting me,” feeling as if his trust is valuable but all too often broken. Sick of his own drug use, Lucki raps, “If I pop one then you stuck with me, hit my cup and freeze, why these habits stuck with me?” Stuck off of strong substances that have manifested themselves into an addiction that was unplanned for, Lucki finds himself grappling with his own temptations often. While Lucki may ask, “Do you worry about me,” he appears confident that his dosing and sky-high tolerance will keep him safe. And if he is worried, he’s certainly too high to care. 


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