Listen To Nolanberollin’s Hungriest Track Yet, “Aquatic”

Nolanberollin is back with his hungriest track yet, the self-produced “aquatic.”


Well known for his lo-fi 808s and self-deprecating, humorous one-liners, Nolanberollin has been a mainstay in the underground, firmly holding his spot just out of the limelight, where he feels most comfortable.


His latest track, “aquatic” continues his spree of troll-rap, clowning on surface-level girls with bars like, “I’m switching gears, she switching the topic,” and disdaining wanna-be trap rappers. Handling the production in-house, he knows exactly what he wants, finding his sweet spot of a bare drumline over an off-putting synthesizer. Normally, Nolan’s delivery is teeming with boredom and suicidal tendencies, but on “aquatic” he seems more than happy to kill a beat rather than himself. Sounding poised as ever, Nolan drops bar after bar in his infamous gravelly vocal cadence. Never one to take anything too seriously with quotables such as, “They put you on a shirt, I call that a meme,” Nolan is just as comfortable in the street as he is fighting off keyboard warriors. Though he is well-respected in both aspects, confirmed by the second half of the bar, “this isn’t a game, add me on steam.” Nolan remains unimpressed by all competition, evidenced by his monotonous delivery and lyrical content. 


“Aquatic” is Nolan at his best, sounding determined and confident as ever, hopefully, a sign that he plans on releasing music even more consistently.


Stream it here:

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