Listen to Hook’s Fierce Full-Length, CRASHED MY CAR

Hook, fiery as ever, feeds fans another full-length release in collaboration with Nedarb Nagrom. CRASHED MY CAR is chock-full of spectral 808’s and ghastly verses.

Known for her explosive personality, Hook has been able to garner a sizable fanbase in the nine-month span since she released her breakout single, “90.” Almost immediately after she began to work earnestly with notable producer Nedarb Nagrom who saw promise in the young artist. Hook’s allure comes in the form of her pompous bars delivered through her raspy whisper, getting into the ears of the listener as well as whoever the often disrespectful rhymes are aimed at. Her music typically seems to aim for uplifting, self-love anthems juxtaposed with egotistical lyrics bringing down nay-sayers. 

CRASHED MY CAR is a concerted effort between Hook and Nedarb Nagrom, though it isn’t without a few features and the aiding of some collaborating producers. Throughout the near half-hour project, Hook is eruptive. Racing to match the pace of the hasty instrumental on “Onion,” she takes the double-time beat as an opportunity to rattle off her long list of accolades, including her inclusion on The Fader. Featured on the track is the quintessentially West Coast artist Almighty Suspect, who takes the mic for the second verse. Rhyming about being outside and those who stay around him, the track gets to the roots of California hip hop while remaining contemporarily viable. “Heem” sees Hook putting down girls who are concerned about her coming after their boyfriends, but asserts she is not interested. Hook can be heard on the chorus dryly stating, “Think I want your boy, I don’t want heem.” Hook’s vocals, laid double and slightly off-set, work to sound like you are being bullied by a gang of Hooks as she puts down your boyfriend. 

Hook’s CRASHED MY CAR is her most well-composed project to date, giving listeners a full view of what they can expect from the California rapper. 

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