Listen to Femdot Detail His Youth in 94 Camry Music

Chicago’s own Femdot releases the coming-of-age story, 94 Camry Music. The album tells the story of a newly licensed teen finding his way with new responsibilities in a hostile environment, difficult for love and life.

Femdot isn’t another Chicago rapper releasing drill music or dealing with the throes of addiction. Instead, he has refreshed the sound of New York in the 90’s and has the storytelling capabilities to rival some of the greats. 94 Camry Music has Femdot detailing life for the youth of Chicago, specifically one who lives in the suburbs but might be more at home in the city, despite his mother’s cautioning words.

Beginning the album, “I’m Broke/Parked Car Conversation,” Femdot puts on a gravelly voice, for a bluesy delivery of him riffing over snapping fingers, bemoaning a lack of cash, and gas in his car as he drives down the highway before jumping into the second half of the track. Now, Femdot is having a “Parked Car Conversation” with a love interest, but before anything can get physical, he lets loose a flurry of questions, not letting a breathe out, ranging from her taste in music, her exes, and her familial relationships. His intensive delivery shows how important the answers to these questions are before he can get involved with her, he isn’t looking for too much trouble and needs to test the waters. 

With “Hot Lunch,” Femdot is at his hungriest, his flow is empowered and he is emboldened by the need to be great to be able to provide for his family. The influence of old-school hip-hop is more prevalent as the production leans heavily on drums and sampled soulful singing. Looking back on how solid he has remained, hyperbolically rapping, “I been ten toes down since I walked on them.” Punching back into the drum-focused production, Femdot tears into any obstacle that dare try to prevent him from achieving his goals. Giving it up to rap for saving his life, Femdot lists off the fast-life he was living before rap through creating enemies and selling drugs in the street. But now, Femdot is determined to be the breadwinner, one way or another, but would rather be rapping over going back to the streets. “I’d rather go back to school or start selling dope, but I never liked hand to hand so I guess I’ll stick to the flows.”

Finishing out the album, “Snuck to Matty’s” is the pinnacle of the tale of a young man trying to balance his social life without risking his future. He earns the approval of his mother to go to a party down the street, but Femdot chooses to go back to his old neighborhood, a rougher part of Chicago, the house of his friend Matty. The track is like a Quentin Tarantino movie, opening up with the end of the story, he rewinds to the beginning to catch the listener up to how he got in the predicament. The even-keeled drums give Femdot an optimal background  to showcase his storytelling abilities, as he details getting to Matty’s and enjoying himself with an ex-girl, until the party turns into a shootout, ending with Matty dead and Fem grazed by a bullet. Now, Femdot has to handle the situation of ensuring his people get home safe, but trying to keep his mother from worrying with phone calls every half hour with a new excuse of why he isn’t home yet. Upon him getting home, anxious to be confronted by his mom, she’s already half-asleep, just happy to hear he got home in time and had “a good time at the party.” She doesn’t even notice his shaking hands or ripped t-shirt. 

94 Camry Music has Femdot detailing life for an inner-city teen with an unreliable car, but the only reliable transportation for his friends. His flows and nerve-racking tales of his youth keep the listener engaged and their heads nodding as he spits over the old-school production. 

Listen below!

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