LandoOutLandish- “PassiveAggressive” (Prod. LandonOutLandish)

This time around we have LandoOutLandish coming out of Glen Ellyn, IL. Lando has recently released a track called “PassiveAggressive”. In the beginning of the song he comes in a bit aggressive and then slowly but surely gets to the point where he sounds more passive. I definitely feel like he made this a clean transition. The way he can switch his flow up throughout the song is key. Lando has progressed from only being a rapper to producing his own music which is very impressive. He has said that he took the past year to take time and work on his craft, he is looking to be more consistent with dropping more music and even hopping on his own beats. From now on I am going to be on the lookout for when he drops music.  

Listen to LandoOutLandish’s “PassiveAggresive” Below!

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