KYSLINGO Has Harsh Realizations On “apart”

Hailing from Maryland, Kyslingo has been making a considerable amount of noise as of late with a number of gloomy singles. Though he is from the DMV, he carries none of the characteristics of the highly recognizable sound the region has become infamous for. Instead, Lingo marches through verses, drawing out his lyrics as he pours out his heart out about the unfortunate events he has fallen victim to and the vices he finds himself stuck with. 

At times Lingo can anesthetize listeners, like on “STOP IT!” where he somberly details harsh break-ups all while retaining auditory indifference. Alternatively, Lingo kicks his pitch up an octave or two, and you’re left with a track like, “i know my love is crack,” which sees him aiming for cash and preserving the hope for mental fulfillment. 

Lingo jumped into 2020 ready for action, quickly releasing four tracks in January alone. Exemplifying his sound best is “apart” produced by Kold. At just under two minutes, the track is fueled by the soft instrumental and Lingo’s fear of when his inescapable time to go is. Emphasising this phobia of the future and his inevitable ending is the way Lingo sonically “drags his feet” through the track. Slowly working his way through the hook, Lingo’s discomfort with facing facts becomes clear. 

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