Chicago native, Kari, keeps it short but very sweet on his latest two track EP “KARI LOVES U”. Kari is typically know for his hard flow, but he switched it up and put out a very soft, heart felt project. The first song “my eyes” produced by myfriendnate + Gus chvany is a very melodic hit, the very dreamy chorus compliments Kari’s hard flow perfectly. Anytime you see myfriendnate and Gus Chvany on a beat you should know it’s something worth listening to, especially when they’re together. U4IA, the second track, produced by Eddie Burns, is filled with high pitched Kari, and back up vocals that fit just right. This track gives off a euphoric feeling just by listening, which is what I think was intended. This project is definitely one to play for your loved one. Me and Kari also have a video planned for one of the tracks

But for now, listen to “KARI LOVES U” below!

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