Kari- “Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich”

On May 11th, 2019, Jared Avalos and Kari teamed up for the music video to Kari’s track “Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwich,” taking to the streets of Chicago to do so. In the music video, we see the payoff of both of their work, with Avalos’s shots working to further strengthen the delivery from Kari. 


The video opens by living up to the song title, with Kari eating a breakfast sandwich before stepping outside to spit bars. As he does so, the camera zooms in on various shots to emphasize his movements. He then steps into the “alternate dimension” that he raps about on the track, which is shrouded in bright red. In this dimension, Kari is surrounded by various others, including Hatesonny, who makes a cameo. The music video then alternates between this dimension and a number of locations in the outside world, including a skate park, a neighborhood, with Kari being at the forefront of each, before he gives a wink to the camera to close out. 


Kari and Jared Avalos both worked together on this music video to bring out the best parts of the track. Avalos used bright colors to emphasize the ominous undertone of the “alternate dimension,” which is musically represented by the chilling harmonies that overtake the song’s background. He also included different effects and zoomed shots to further emphasize Kari’s rapping, making for a well-connected music video.


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