Kari- “HOT DAMN”

Chicago native, Kari gives us a 6 track prelude before his big project. All six tracks are hits from start to finish, the beats were made perfectly to match Kari’s flow. The producers throughout the prelude consist of: Kari, MyFriendNate and Gus Chvany, Kari is very close with both producers and the chemistry shows in every track. Kari’s latest hit “Dimondz” is also on there, featuring Izzihot and DFree Da Vinci, the only feature on the prelude is HateSonny which had to be done. All 6 tracks flow perfectly with one another. It’s quite impressive how easily Kari can switch his flow up, in tracks like “BUNS” it’s nothing like the other tracks. You also have to appreciate the Jay-Z remix, “Show Me What You Got” is a hit track that was on Kingdom Come which came out back in 2006, Kari made this track for those that would truly appreciate it. There’s something in every track for people to appreciate and enjoy. Kari keeps his lyrics hard and real, no matter what flow he’s spitting, the lyrics may be funny or relatable, either way they’ll always be some real shit.


Kari has dropped multiple visuals for the project including: Lemons and Red Carpet Ravioli, both shot and edited by thesonofroy. Kari and I also have a video dropping for the prelude in the near future. It’s easy to appreciate Kari’s music because he goes all in with his work. If Kari is dropping three visuals for a prelude, there is no telling what is to come with the upcoming project.


Be sure to stream “HOT DAMN (the prelude)” below, it is also available on all platforms!

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