Kal Kociss

Filmmaker, editor, and VFX artist at Dreamer Data, Kal has been making videos for over eight years, ranging from stop-motion videos in his room to cinema-level sets, and learning valuable techniques along the way. He has had experience ranging from working on sets of interviews and short films, including his directorial debut "Pizza Boy," to shooting and editing for the E-sports community at events such as the 2019 NYC Faze Clan Pop-Up and the EA x 368 Super Late. Kal currently specializes in editing and doing visual effects for music videos/promotions in the music industry, with work for artists like Zafro, Mehki Raine and other up and coming artists, as well as directing commercial projects for business clients. Kal will help foster your creativity by bringing your craziest ideas to life. Strengths include: Editing, Videography, and Visualizers.

Graphic Design