Joz- “Love Things”

Pop artist, Joz has just put out her latest single titled “Love Things”, produced by Will Levinson and Moise . I’m a new listener of Joz but am already hooked. This track is about missing the feeling of love and taking in the little things that love offers and being able to open up to be able to love someone better. Joz grew up listening to 80’s & 90’s pop, and you can hear the influence it had on her through her music. Joz began making music at just 10, making her own beats and recording her vocals in Garage Band. Joz’s versatility is also very impressive, after talking to her she told us, “The genre of music I make changes a lot or has changed a lot from when I first started putting out music in junior year of high school. It used to be a lot of sad acoustic guitar songs, then I got logic and made bedroom pop/weird lullaby type songs. I had a folk phase as well when I was listening to this artist Shakey Graves”. It’s always nice when an artist pushes genres and mixes them all together.

Her goal with music is to make her listeners feel something when listening, and for them to be able to express themselves in one way or another. Joz is in a trio consisting of three people, herself as the singer, Vadal the producer, and Rico an engineer, and from what I hear, they make for one dangerous trio. They are currently working on an EP, aiming to release in late spring, and I for one am very excited to here what is to come from the three.

But until then, listen to “Love Things” BELOW!

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