Joye Marelyn Releases Visual Thriller for “J****boo”

Joye Marelyn, 25 year old Atlanta native recently dropped the gripping visual for the thrilling track “J****boo.”

At age 25 Joye is no rookie in the rap game, having made music for the past seven years he’s been able to make his own unique sound with his start-again stop-again flow, jerking around the listener. 

The visual begins with Joye in a white-washed room sporting a hospital gown, the barren room indicates that it is not a hospital for physical maladies, but rather for maladies of one’s mind. First, he can be seen fighting away a bowl of oatmeal a doctor is pushing toward him, but greedily accepting the juice box being handed to him, signs of someone who doesn’t have their own best interests in mind. 

He raps callously about the death of others with a sing-songy delivery that suggests he doesn’t grasp the gravity of what he is indifferent to. His light, airy vocal delivery makes him sound like he doesn’t have the mental capacity to live on his own or empathize with others. He is driven crazy by potentially a girlfriend who has an affinity for the finer things in life, like Fiji water and only the purest diamonds. 

Judging from the lyrical content and the video, it would seem he has given up on society, and society has given up on him, rapping “the nurses wouldn’t care if I died at all.” From the way he delivers the cold bar, it seems he has grown accustomed to being treated this way and even views it as being normal. 

Through the track and the video, Joye Marelyn is able to make the listener empathize for the lack of love he receives, but also fear him, as he could be unhinged. The song makes for a great story told about those who have been ostracized from society, when in reality, they could be the sane ones. 

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