The video starts with a black screen and then passes through 3D stills that are featured on the jacket. After moving through the stills, we are met with our subject with his back facing the camera. In front of him is a wall covered in projections of MJ archival footage. At this moment, our subject is only a silhouette, but after the camera comes to a stop a top light turns on revealing the jacket. We will then dive into a series of fast-paced cuts of detail shots of the jacket and the graphics featured. Incorporating water will be a key theme throughout the video, ranging from top-down rain to covering the floor in water for our subjects to dribble a basketball in a rhythmic manner, while also causing a reflection off the floor. The water elements will be used to demonstrate the weatherproof features of the jacket. We will also include projections of the footage playing on top of the jacket. To conclude the video the camera will pull away from the subject as a door with a Jordan brand logo projected on it comes down.


  • Video takes place in one dark room, throughout the video we’ll include parts where water covers the floor and causes a reflection of subject.
  • Fast paced edits mixed with high action shots.
  • Incorporating rain/water to highlight the weatherproof features of the jacket.
  • Playing off of the stills featured on the jacket, we’d like to incorporate projections of archival footage 
  • Incorporate our talent dribbling and tossing around basketball
  • Our talent will be two identical twins to help play on the trippy effect of seeing two of the “same” person at once
  • Time: 30-45 seconds



For the audio, we’ll use a custom beat mixed with heavy sound fx throughout