Jiggly J (ft. Blenck Face)- “What It Do” *prod. sachy*

Jiggly J is back and better than ever. Teaming up with Blenck Face to bring us their hit single “What It Do”. The two go on the beat as if it’s Good Cop, Bad Cop, Jiggly J very melodic with it and Blenck Face comes in as hard as usual and cleans it up. Jiggly J put this song out giving listeners a small taste of what his EP will be like. Blenck Face has dropped three songs in the past week, and has killed every line of his verses. His lyricism never fails to leave me shocked. The two Joliet artists go so well together. This is not the first time they have came together, and definitely will not be the last. This sounds like a new Blenck Face and definitely a new Jiggly J. Jig’s EP “Rainbow Road” is set to drop next week and I am really looking forward to that. There has also been some speculation that Jiggly may have songs with both Mimic and ChaseIsland in the works, two very talented artists.

But for now, listen to Jiggly J & Blenck Face’s latest single BELOW!https://soundcloud.com/jigglyjgrimy/what-it-do-wblenck-face-prod-sachy

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